{new line of stamps by samantha kira sneak peek!}

Last week, I received an amazing and never-dreamed-of package from my amazing friend Roben-Marie.  

I’ve never been a huge stamper, but over the course of the last year, I’ve been using stamps more and more, as well as carving my own to use in my journals. Awhile ago, Roben and I brainstormed the idea of creating stamps from my handwriting and artwork, and last week, the test stamps arrived. 

They look amazing! Holding them in my hands still has the sparkles of being in a dream — these are real stamps created from my work, my art, my handwriting. 

The first stamps will be available through Paperbag Studios soon. Until then, enjoy this sneak peek!



Also, check out my interview with the lovely Kimberly Wilson over at Tranquility du Jour. I had so much fun chatting with her -- I hope you are inspired after listening to get out there and create!