All Packed Up & Ready to Journal

Yesterday, Shannon asked if I could share the contents of my art-journaling-in-public bag to help her narrow down what she would pack. I can’t say that I’ll be helping too much, but here’s mine, freshly unpacked from Saturday’s adventure.

I carry it all in one of Papaya!’s lux totes that I was gifted a few years ago when I entered a competition they hosted -- it’s perfect for carrying all my supplies, looks gorgeous, and is made out of oilcloth so it won’t get ruined if something leaks!

Here’s what I had inside:

1. Current issue of W Magazine. I grabbed this last-minute in the grocery store last week because the cover was gorgeous and the inside full of collage fodder. Imagine my surprise when I found out you can get a year’s worth for $10!

2. My take-along case.

3. My little pouch of washi-tape & tombow adhesive.

4. Light modeling paste.

5. Brushes/pen/pencil

6. My current journal + my new journal (as my current one is almost full!)

7. Fabre-Castell gel sticks

8. A hodgepodge set of Nupastels by Prismacolor. I adore these!

9. Chipboard alphabets (This is my new favorite thing that I’ll be posting about in this week’s Journaling Deep)

10. Painted papers for collage work and a few printed papers.

11. Stencils!

I also usually throw in a bunch of paint before I run out the door -- maybe 5 or 10 colors, but no more than that. Part of the fun is seeing what you can create away from everything you own. How can you stretch yourself? 

Plus, Becca and I (and Meg, who’s joined us a few times!) usually share supplies, so this isn’t all I used on Saturday! Hopefully, though, this has given you an idea of what to pack for your own public art journaling day!