Journal Girl Stamp Winners!


It's taken me a bit longer than usual to get to announcing the winners of my uber-awesome stamp give away. Some of you may already know this, but I do live with FMS, and that's all the result of a Bad Fall I took years and years ago. Another bit of fun from said fall was the complete Messing Up of my left hip. My bursitis flared-up to Previously Unknown Levels of Pain, and I spent the past two days in a painkiller-induced haze. I may have gotten control of the computer and possibly posted on Facebook. 

Anyway! Pain levels are down about 50% from there (which is still a steady 7 on the Pain Scale That Is Totally Subjective) and I was able to not only get in the studio to make a mess (see above photo), but get all the stuff together to announce the winners!

Winner #1:


Winner #2:

Congrats, ladies! Send me a message so I can get your details to send out your winnings! 

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered. I really loved reading all your comments, and may just print them all off for a Bad Day Balm to perk me right up!