Spur of the Moment


Yesterday, I was packaging up some prints as "I'm sorry I'm a ponce and have taken so long to send out things I owe you" bits; I had these outlined and such for my Etsy shop, but being sick, I wasn't able to open my shop in time. So, gifts they become! 

But while I was doing this, I realized I had an extra one. And had the most odd thought:

What if I brought this to my coffee shop and hung it on the wall with a little note?

It felt so....right. And so I decided, spur of the moment, that I will bring a different print with me every time I go to that shop, and hang it there to brighten someone's day. A little experiment, as it were. 

I ended up chatting with some girls as I eyed a spot for my print, and loved that they understood. "Sometimes, we want art and we can't afford it. So many people here live in the dorms and need something to hang on the walls." (Yes, I live in a college town!) Even the baristas liked the idea. That's always bolstering, when you have a crazy idea like this and others are just as excited as you. 

I love the idea of sharing art with strangers. I remember meeting a woman and showing her my cards, and seeing how moved she was by one of the paintings on the back. She was surprised I would give her one -- I'd much rather give away art to the people touched by it than hoard it all for myself in exchange for money. 

Not the best way to make a living, but a wonderful way to craft a life. 


It'll be interesting to see, when I go back on Saturday, if it's still there.