{ideas swirling around in my head}


Just call me a junkie.

Lately, it's all I can do to turn my brain off to finally get some sleep. There are all these ideas swirling around up there, stories meshed with things to make and experiments to try out and my fingers are just itching to get started, to make one, to see if the idea works or doesn't.

With my lovely cushy journal all finished and away, I needed something new. And so I stuck with what I know, what works, and made myself something that can try to contain everything in my head. I imagine it will soon look like a paint aisle threw up on a lab notebook, because with everything I want to do, am seeing myself do, well...let's just say I wasn't up at 2am reading -- I was trying to fix a flaw in a Wordpress install because, yes, half these ideas are being created just to share.