{the magic of community}

A few weeks ago, Nolwenn and I were chatting on MSN, talking about our paintings and how we’d like to do more. This was just about the time Points of Two was ending, and I’d be without a weekly challenge in my life for the first time in a year.

Did you know it takes about 20 days to form a habit? If you can stick with it for that long, it’ll stick with you. Imagine an entire year of creating journal pages...of having some sort of challenge and accountability to get some art done! Some weeks, doing my page for Points of Two was the only art or journaling I did that entire week, and was thankful for the reminder to be calm, create, and center.

As our conversation continued, I thought, “Why not have a weekly painting challenge for us?”

Nolwenn jumped on the idea.

And then I posted to the Facebook group and had some lovelies ask if they, too, could get in on the action.

The group isn’t structured or rigid. In fact, I didn’t finish a painting last week. But here’s the magic part: I worked on one. It’s sitting next to my desk, almost finished, and I can’t wait to get back to it and post my progress to our little group.

We’ve only been together for 2 weeks, but already, there are some amazing things happening. People are pulling out old, unfinished work and breathing in new life. Others are going out on a limb and declaring themselves artists through the little paintings they do. There are no rules, no consequences if you don’t finish. But the environment — of posting photos and getting real, honest feedback — is helping us all grow, become more confident, and really trying new things.

So I wanted to post some photos of finished paintings we’ve done. And if you want to join, let me know — it’s a Facebook group, so I have to have you friended on my personal account, or really, any of the members’ personal accounts, to add you. But it’s so much fun!

by Melissa Peacock

by Stephanie Gates

by Tia Wahl

by Beth Lunny

by Nolwenn

They say in order to make art, you have to make a lot of it. So we're going for 52 in a year. Crazy? Maybe. But hey -- at least we're getting past our fears, declaring ourselves, and doing it.

What could you get done, if you really put your mind to it?