{a new journal-makin' mini-workshop!}


I've gotten requests to share my newest journal-binding creating, the soft, fabric-covered yet amazingly sturdy button journals I began creating last October.

So, in-between projects & deadlines, I created this little mini-workshop to walk you through the process. Hey -- instead of me typing all this, why don't you take a look?

I really, really am in love with these journals. I've made two already and just can't get over how much I love 'em! It's rare that I use the same kind of journal twice...maybe I've found my Journal Match Made in Heaven?

Head on over to the Shoppe to grab your log-in. You'll get an email 24-48 after signing up (I don't "work" on the weekends, so if you sign up then, you'll get your log-in on Monday).

And this is my first little class of the year -- and I'm rolling out a new feature: DVDs

Yep! You can sign up, get access to the web classroom, AND get a DVD and printed workbook sent to your house. How awesome is THAT?

Anyway, I'm gonna stop blabbing and leave you with pretty pictures!

(ps. workshop ticket holders will get an email today about snail mail addresses!)