{journal dreams and beads from a bottle!}


I've been a very busy girl today! After my morning bike ride, where I snapped pictures and got stung by a bee, I came home to write a more in-depth outline of my summer art journal course, then got started on finishing up a journal for Kym. 

I have become a journal-making machine! 

The Journal Dream Shop has been a wild success! I am now running about 4-5 weeks for your journal to be done, though I'm working as fast as I can without sacrificing quality or my health. So I am booked up! 

Because of this, I'm going to be writing less blog posts. But don't worry -- I'll be vlogging once a week and hopefully doing time-lapse journal pages in the meantime. And I'll snap photos like crazy of what I'm working on! 

Kym's Journal

They're really tons of fun to make, and I like to think on the person and what they're dreaming of when I put them together. They really are hand-made -- I do everything from cut down the paper to round the corners to cut slits for elastic. They aren't perfect, so if that's what you're looking for, you might want to try a store. These journals are crafted with love by my hands -- I have glue all over them, and they wear the battle scars from using an x-acto knife to do detail work. I touch every part and hope you feel inspired when you get yours! 

journal construction


As soon as I'm less-booked, I'll be making blanks to put up in my Etsy shop. But since the price isn't all that different, why not order a perfect one for you? I'm up to experimenting with form and binding -- I'll be making a binder journal with fabric edges and canvas pages next week! 

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Because I'll be focusing on crafting journals and writing my next workshop, I'll be sending out a lot of info in my weekly newsletters. You'll get a blog post straight to your inbox (and that means an article written expressly for the newsletter that won't be appearing on the blog itself!), some inspiring words, maybe a prompt, updates, and a coupon each week! 

The form to sign-up is right there on the sidebar, so make sure to enter your address so you don't miss out on anything! My newsletter's going to be a Godsend for me -- an easier way for me to keep you all updated and inspired while I put my nose to the grindstone and get things done! 

Beads in a Bottle are here! 

I needed a little playtime before getting down to business, so I pulled out my brand-new pack of Beads in a Bottle by Tulip and embellished my journal cover (even more, I know!). This is the gemstone set, and I kinda want to go back and get a different one! 

beads in a bottle

At first, I thought it'd be hard, but not at all! They leave a little wisp when you pull up the bottle, but it soon settles to make a bead! I need some more practice, though, and then I'll be embellishing this plain t-shirt I've had for awhile that needs some bling...

beads in a bottle

(above: right after applying)

beads in a bottle

(above: all dry!)

So I'll see ya all later! I'm running off to the pharmacy before it closes and grabbing dinner at the grocery store!