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Created for the beginning journaler and experienced artist alike, True to You 2 follows the same vein of gold we all have access to -- our daily lives. 

In this second part, we'll be exploring the world around us to create a reference book of color, pattern, shape, text, touch, & home to turn to when stuck on a journal page, painting, or any work of art. You'll need a journal you'll learn to construct in class, a camera (even the one on your phone will do), your favorite supplies, and the ability to stream video from the internet (or you can order the entire class on DVD). 

Taking True to You (1) is NOT required to take this course. 

For six weeks, we'll chat, photograph, and journal together as you dig deeper into the familiar around you and find those amazing nuggets waiting to be discovered. Each week will also include a LIVE video chat with yours truly where you can get personal attention and answers to burning questions. 

I want you to see there's no need to go outside yourself for anything -- you already have all you need to not only get started, but continue to discover new things & be thrilled by new discoveries. I'll awaken that curiosity inside you while sharing some of my favorite journaling techniques and tricks. 

Once you have access, you have it for a year, so there's no rush to finish; you can work at your own pace or follow along the weekly format. 

Cost: $50 (before July 5: $44)

Look out this week for more information, photos of projects, & a preview of the introduction vid!

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