{journal girl presents...drawing in your journal (or painting!)}

More experimentation with editing and such! Remember -- you can now view these at 720p HD and full-screen...oh, I get so giddy when I export the finished video and view it full-screen on my big monitor! To know I've come SO FAR in such a short time simply because I started paying attention and accessing all that info I learned in college (I have a BA in this stuff, for God's sake!). 

I filmed this on Sunday, found out my brother was in the hospital, and was gone the rest of the evening. I did the artwork and editing last night after spending a few hours with him. And now, I have a few journals to finish before running over for a short visit! PHEW! And I have the mixed-media meetup tonight! 

But I woke up at 7:30AM so I could finish editing and export this and work on the overdue journals and visit and then go across the city tonight. I really hope this one is enjoyable! And please, leave suggestions in the comments as to what I should film next!

Don't forget: True to You 2 is open for sign ups! Don't miss the early-bird pricing -- $44 until 7/15! And you can get True to You 1 for $20 by purchasing the new class! Sounds like a deal to me! (fine print: because 2 is hosted by Tam, you will have to do two seperate transactions in order to do this...sorry about that!)