{true to you 2 lesson 0 -- available to all for FREE!}

Hey, guys! 

True to You 2's start date is almost here! Have you signed up yet? I'm really excited to start teaching this class -- so much so that I've put together what I consider Lesson 0...a sort of pre-workshop exercise to get you thinking more about your art journal and habits, etc. 

And then I thought, "Why not share the PDF with everyone?" And it just felt so right, I'm posting it here on the blog for everyone to download and fill out. If nothing else, I hope you discover something new about youself and are able to translate that into your journal. 

So here's a nice little video of me talking about the worksheet and what it's aimed to dig up (where I am wearing a strapless dress...I swear!). Enjoy and let me know what you think! 

(please hit 480p for better quality! youtube is being mean to me today...)

True to You 2: Lesson 0 (beginnings)  (4.7MB)

Want to join us? Go here and sign up!

I'll also be honoring the combo deal of getting True to You (the original) for $20 with the purchase of True to You 2 until August 1st.