{louder than a paintbrush - out of the journal week #2}


'Split Soul' 10"x8" mixed-media on gessoboard

I’ve become enamoured by abstract expressionism.

It began, as many of my artistic pursuits have, with experimentation. I don’t think I fully understood what I was doing or really saying when I started, but now, I feel that a new world of expression has opened up for me.

I like to share my art as I’m creating it (both online and in person) and with past work, have gotten compliments and smiles and the like. But as I did my paintings for this week, I got something new, something different -- people had their own interpretations of what I was painting.

I felt like I was finally telling a story that could reach people. With every layer I added, I was excited to share what I was working on to see what would be seen. Instead of painting literally, I was speaking in metaphor (which, as you can tell, I love, as I am, primarily, a writer).

I became giddy with excitement as people picked out what I was trying to say as it applied to their lives.

Suddenly, I’m a painter who’s been given a microphone, a tool to amplify my story, my own self-exploration and expression, instead of a simple brush.

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