{weekly wrap up -- out of the journal, week 1}


About time for a wrap-up, don't you think? 

With all my energy going into True to You 2 (it isn't easy producing 4 videos a week!), I dear say this blog's being a little neglected. In fact, most of my online pursuits are ignored behind the grey-black screen of iMovie, Pages, and other miscellaneous things (music, chat, etc). A problem that's been plaguing production for two weeks has been solved -- hurray! -- which means things shouldn't take quite as long to do. 

Which means I can share more on here.

I feel like I have a back-log of stuff, stories to tell, stories I want to tell. I think I'll be writing them out over the next few days, and scheduling some posts, because there are nugget of wisdom, inspiration, and fun in there! But it comes down to this: would I like to be on the computer doing internet-y things, or would I like to be painting and creating? And I think that's why there are some artists who don't interact via the net all that often, or only post on blogs with photos -- because there's a world of awesome outside this grey box I call my computer. 

(It actually has a face, I've discovered, since I wanted to punch in the face after the fifth time of losing a few hours of work; there are two monitors -- eyes, and the speakers -- mouth.)

So allow me, then, to wrap up this week, the first one, of the Out of the Journal challenge. Above is my first canvas of the week, done on gessoed loose canvas with pastels, pencil, oil, and acrylics. 

And here's my second, done on a small canvas board, with pastels, acrylics, and pencil. It's a lot of experimenting and playing around, which is usually reserved for my journal, but canvas and paper are two different mediums to work on, and sometimes, something works better on canvas than paper (see first painting above). 

I had a neat little epiphany last week, and that's lead me to a lot of self-exploration, so don't be surprised if things around here change a little bit over the next week. Now that I have a little time to write, I think I can get things out in words (isn't it always a mess, in your head, that you can't fully express until you figure it out yourself?) and let you all see it. But for now, why don't you check out a few other canvases painted this week?

(Also, as a side-note, I was considering putting this month's canvases on Etsy, but wonder if anyone would be interested?)

Remember -- it's the effort that counts. I admitted to Dina on Thursday that I was insane for taking this on in addition to working through my online class, and she said as long as you make an effort, that's good! And that there isn't anything set in stone, so progress over product. I am paraphrasing -- half was shouted across the asile in a parking lot (though how we managed to park across from each other without knowing was a bit odd!).

Ruth's marvelous textures!

I love Sandra's collages. She did two this week!

And I just adore Katie's!

Tomorrow means a new week. Remember to leave a comment for each canvas to be entered to win a slot in one of my classes! :D