{every day is a blank slate}



I know I meant to post sooner than this, but it becomes easier, once you allow a day to lapse, to let another, then another. Picking up that lost thread can be difficult, and I think, sometimes, we feel as though we've already failed, when it comes to missing that day going to the gym, meditating when we wake up, or trying that new diet. So much so that we convince ourselves there's no use in trying again, picking up where we left off, allowing a new day to be a blank slate. 

It's said it takes around three weeks for something to become a habit, and rarely do we have the patience to try for something for that long. 

But I still know it can be done. That there is worth in trying again. So I challenge, you, then, to apply this to your artistic and creative pursuits. Create a calendar, hang it on the wall, mark the days. Give yourself that visual satisfaction of striving for more you time in your life.

If I could get to where I am, artistically, today, by simply creating a new daily habit of drawing every day when I had no idea how to draw & had never taken an art class, you can paint a bit in your journal every day, take up a new medium, tape in an inspiring image, or sketch a bit. 

Get back on that horse. Soon, you'll be flying like the wind on a crisp autumn day, happy you didn't give up.