Yes, I did it. 

I bought a Smash book. 

It happened a little like this: 


“I really can’t stop thinking about those Smash books,” I said. 


“They look really cool,” Becca replied. 


“But I can’t really justify getting one, even with my coupon.” 


“I was thinking of using them with my photos.”


“Yes! We can have an easy journal devoted to our Project 365 photos! And can keep each other in line!” 


*Zooms to Michaels*

Paraphrased, of course. I think my fever’s finally broken, but it’s done this before, so I’m still under blankets, warm, and taking medicine. I’m quite loopy, too. And may be making poor decisions like designing a tattoo in Gallifreyan for my right wrist (I feel lopsided, with only one inside my left wrist). 

Right. The Smash book. 

I decided that, with the coupon, it was worth it to grab something easy to put my photos in. Right now, I’m posting nearly daily on my Tumblr (not really for the past two days, as there is surprisingly little to photograph when you’ve spent three days in a recliner watching TV and doodling in a Moleskine journal) and printing them every four days or so to Smash ‘em in the journal. The fact that my phone takes amazing pictures and I can post directly to Tumblr ensures that I'll never lose any of the pics, and will always have a place to find them all from any computer.

And it’s nice. I don’t intend to make it as artistic or painted as my art journal, or to do a ton of work in it. That’s not what it’s for. Instead, this journal is simply photographs. Taped down, with a little bit about what happened that day, where the photo was taken, etc. I already have several creative journals going, so working in the Smash book is relaxing. No backgrounds to make, or paint to get out. And that’s the magic of it, I think. I was chatting about this with Christen and realized the easy, slightly-less-spontanious nature where the photographs speak for themselves is perfect. Don’t want ‘em overshadowed by everything else.

(Here's a tip: You can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to a CVS photo kiosk and print 'em instantly from there; I did this in Oklahoma City when I visited Deina and the photos come out perfectly!) 

Think how cool it’ll be to look through it come December 2012.