[how to] Doodle Your Own Bias Tape


A few shots I snapped while working on tonight’s issue of Journaling Deep. 

Sometimes, I catch a shot on the digital display while setting one up for something else, and can’t help but snap a picture. I may not be the best photographer, but I’ve learned to enjoy taking pictures around my studio. Maybe it’s because I’m hoping to catch Process in action, much like trying to catch a ghost on film. 

I haven’t found it yet.



Here’s a freebee lesson from tonight’s Journaling Deep:

Making an art quilt? Instead of searching for the perfect color binding or fabric to turn into bias tape, why not grab a few packages of white and create your own?


I took Copic markers in colors that matched the fabrics in my art quilt and scribbled along the binding. All the feelings and emotions that were in the quilt were written out in big, loopy letters I overlapped. Doodles were added in here and there.  


And you don’t have to use this only for art quilts; cut off a bit to edge a journal page, or glue it down in a college. Edge a canvas you’ve painted on. There are so many uses, and it’s definitely one of a kind!


This week’s issue of Journaling Deep is all about dying and scribbling on fabric to create fun, colorful embellishments for your journal pages & more!