More Pages from My Smash Journal


Here are a couple more spreads from my Project 365 Smash book. I think this thing deserves its own gallery, since I am committed to keeping up with it all year! That being said...I've missed a few days...gotta get back on that! 

Anyway, I've decided all my photos are going to be square with the film frame (I use Vingette for Android for all my photos), which will add cohesion throughout the whole thing. Plus, square is fun for a book this side. And I can print off 6 on one sheet of paper! 

One thing I do is doodle, swirl, or write across the backgrounds of the plainer pages. Since my book has a lot of those "found" papers, I may be doing this often. But it adds a punch of color I can then work over and use to inspire doodles! Plus, I LOVE the Soho watercolors you can grab at Jerry's (thanks for talking them up, Jodi!); they're vivid and lovely and smooth, and practically glide over the thick paper in the Smash book. 

I've decided to pair down on what I use in this journal. It's mostly colored pencils, markers, and a box of scraps and trim I put together. Basically, anything that I can put down with double-sided tape. And washi tape. No acrylics or stencils in here! The photos are the focus of the book, and the little captions I write to remind me of the important things that happened that day. 

My chipboard letters have come in handy, and I've doodled a bit with the watercolors. I love pommegranates right now!

And here, I wrote inside a stencil scrap! 

Sometimes, the layers can get intimidating. Here are the stages I work in (and a few more spreads are halfway finished....):

  • Doodle and swirl with watercolors
  • Tape down photos
  • Stamp date near each photo
  • Tape down collage papers
  • Write a sentence or two near each photo
  • Embellish with colored pencils, markers, and other elements

I'll post more spreads next week. I think I'll make a little link on the sidebar so you can keep up with my pages!