on letting things simmer before inspiration strikes again



I seem to work in a cycle. 

I’ll run on full steam ahead for awhile. Full of new ideas, playing in my journal every day, working on paintings. 

My head is full of grand ideas and I get so much accomplished

And then I go into hibernation. 

I go a week without touching my journal. My days are spent messing around online. I’ll lose all motivation to do art. I’ll become a sloth, laying around on the couch (in various positions, sometimes hanging upside down). 

During that time, I’ll begin to doubt myself, wondering what’s gone wrong. Where has my love of art gone? Why can’t I manage to get up and make anything? Where have all the ideas gone?

And just before I begin to lose hope, something magical happens. 

I start creating again. 

The ideas begin to flow again. My days are spent dancing around. I work on several pages at once. I jump around from journal to painting to sewing. I churn out a workshop, maybe even two. I make videos and bounce around and feel fantastic. 

I’ve learned that the downtime in-between is when things are percolating. A lot is happening under the surface while I watch Hoarders on Netflix and eat ice cream and junk food, and I just need to trust the process and be ready when it’s all ready to come out and join the world