Finding Magic, New Supply Love, & More!

I have so much magic I want to write about, but it shall have to wait. 

As many of you know, I suffered a concussion early Friday morning when the light fixture in the ceiling of my Closet Studio decided to attack my head. I’m fine; I went to the ER on Monday, finally (as having no insurance + CT scan = scary!), and was told I’m suffering a post-concussion syndrome, which mimics the symptoms of the original injury, except for a longer, undetermined period of time. So posts are going to be a little far apart, as being on the computer or sitting in the studio is a bit difficult at the moment. 

(I am still launching the Ning on Monday, though!)


A mosaic of my students, their work, and my samples...

Class on Saturday was amazing. In every way. My students were magnificent and so patient with me as I was a bit scattered! We had a great, fun time, and they kept saying they were having a wonderful time! Oh, it warmed my heart. Being able to go around and see the magic they were creating and help them fix those bits they didn’t like while pointing out the amazing things they’d created on their own? 

I found my magic. 

I know what I’m supposed to do. I have the confidence to go for it. There are plans in the works, but for now, I shall bask in the glow of Saturday’s class. 

And as I was browsing the shop after class, I spied the Prismacolor colored pencils and was thinking, “So many people like them; I should give them a try, hmmm?” So I walked up to the woman plucking pencils from the shelves and asked, “Do you like these?” 

She turned and said, “Oh, I know you, I read your blog!” 

It turns out, Kim had emailed me before my newfound better reply practices and we got to chatting. Then, another woman came down the aisle, Lynn, who I’d met at my first demo and had traveled far to come see me. Add an amazing class plus two wonderfully creative ladies who recognized me from my writings and videos here and reached out and bam

I really found my magic.

That, and I’m in love with my Prismacolor colored pencils! And! A month ago, a friend of mine found a set of Art Stix at a garage sale for $3 and asked me if I’d use them. Not knowing what they were but not being one to turn down a lucky find, I said I would, and she sent ‘em to me. Little did I know, the Art Stix are the same thing as the pretty colored pencils, except without the wood! 

Talk about a lucky find! It’s a 48 color set! 

Add to all of that Jane Davenport’s posts for Life Book this week about some fun techniques with these beauties and I am one happy, happy girl! 

I am so excited for all the amazing things I have in mind for the launch of the Ning, and for the future of the blog, and for my art and journaling. I wish you could all come hang out with me, because I’d be talking a mile a minute about everything I’m discovering!

By the way, I started using a pad of Strathmore Mixed-Media 300 series paper for my journal, and I love it! I already was in love with the 400 series — I have a pad in every size, even the 18”x24” pad, and use it in all my demos — and was hoping the 300 series would make a good journal. It does! I’ll be doing a video review of this paper versus Canson’s Mixed-Media paper very soon! 

Also, tomorrow is the last day you can sign up for Journaling Deep in its current incarnation. It’ll be changing as soon as the Ning launches, as I’m upping my game!

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