'contents' art journal flip [VIDEO]

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Many of these pages were created for Journaling Deep -- while they currently exist as PDFs, I've been uploading a 25-30 minute tutorial video every single week for about a month and a half, now, and am hoping to create an awesome video tutorial library for new and experienced art journalers alike. 

It's really ambitious. I'm pouring out everything in my head, all I've learned, all I've discovered and tried and played with. And for awhile, I was sad....sad that such a small percentage of y'all were interested in learning what I have to offer, but then my stubborn side said:

You've already done this for half the year and you're going to give up now?

I hope that in months and years to come, more and more aspiring journalers will be interested in the library I'm creating.

Plus, with each video, I learn more about how to frame what I'm recording, about how to use the lighting I have to make things clear. In how to explain what I'm trying to teach. In editing and packaging. 

So that's what I'm building toward. And proving to myself that I have a LOT in this head of mine to shared! 


I'm also working on a new class about overcoming resistance and understanding inspiration better, how to find ideas and build off others. It should be out in about three weeks or so! 

Don't forget that I'm also teaching journal making this Saturday at Jerry's Artarama! 

Okay, I'm off to paint for the rest of the day. Tomorrow, I'll be posting a very personal journal page & post about the health problems I've been having lately, more of an apology to everything that has fallen through my fingers as I struggle with a seemingly unsolvable problem.