A Big Decision

If this week has taught me anything, it’s that magic is really possible. 

I’ve been thinking about this message from Jenny:

 I would love to be considered as a sponsored student by one of your generous supporters. Mostly because I want to learn, but also because I have always wanted a benefactor. Seriously, how many old novels have you read where the heroine has a benefactor? Wasn't the romantic in you dreaming of a kind and generous benefactor? 

Being or having a benefactor is a romantic idea, and one I’ve pondered myself as I fell deeper and deeper into this groovy flow of art; for the past five or six months, I’ve found creating easy, painting relaxing and a compulsion I need to answer, and my work has been deeper and more personal than ever. I find myself thinking about geisha in Kyoto at the turn of the century and their danna, or sponsors, who paid their rent and bought them new kimono and kept them in lessons. Of painters with mysterious wealthy men who supported them so they could focus on painting. 

In being a self-employed artist, how can you not

But Jenny is right — if you’re in the Art Journal Diary Mini-Class, you have a benefactor, or you are one. 

Think on that. 

You have a benefactor. 

You are a benefactor. 

I’m still reeling over the past week and the amazing people I’ve connected with, have helped, have seen help others. Go watch my thank you video for the full scoop. 

It’s really lead me to make a Big Decision. 


For months, I’ve been pondering something, but only put my toes into the water. 

Perhaps you’ve noticed the posts geared towards those with chronic illnesses. Those that talk about couch art kits and micro-movements and this newest mini-class. For me, this is a huge part of who I am, even if I don’t write about it all that much. 

I have decided that is going to change. 

Rather, my focus has shifted to better and authentically reflect who I am. 

I want to be there for you.

I want to write things for those of us who can’t spend hours painting, or stay up until 4am finishing a piece. 

I want to give tips on how to use art to get through those hard, difficult days. 

I want to lift you up when you’re having an amazing day. 


What does this mean for everyone else? 

Not all that much, really. I’ll still be posting art. And tutorials, and milestones. Videos and classes. 

They’ll just have a more how-to-do-this-when-everything-is-hard bits in them. More support and loving care. And I bet it’ll make doing art easier for you, too — maybe you’re tired from work, or raising a family, and all you want to do is play in your journal or paint a masterpiece, but think you’ll never be able to do anything good with how little energy you have left. 


That’s my Big Decision. 

All of me. 

Here to make you just that much more creative and awesome.