Admitting it All is Bravery

Creating a piece of art or journal page as a tutorial piece can be a bit intimidating! 

Imagine if you recorded yourself while working on a journal page, and you had to make it, well, work, as though you knew exactly what you’re doing and why

Usually, if things don’t go well, you start again. Or you record an in-process video, where things are sped up and you appear to be calm and serene while working, an artist master in her craft, who has the confidence to work and keep working toward creating a beautiful page. 

I’ve been teaching on-camera for five years, now, and I’ve had to re-shoot, for sure! 


But I did something different this time. 

I said everything going through my head. 

All my moments of indecision. The mean thoughts of my Inner Critic. The cheering of my Secret Partner (or the Universe, or God, or Divine, or whatever you may see as your connection to something larger than yourself). 

I put it all out there, to show you (or rather, the students of Life Book) what really goes on in the heads of all those artists out there you admire and think have no moments of doubt, or have overcome their Inner Critics. 

The thing is? I changed mine. She was fired, but came back because she promised to be nicer. Now, she helps me find areas to improve, mistakes in perspective, or places I can add just the right element to make a page wonderful. 


I'll have a print of this piece up in my Etsy shop this week (as part of the BIG update!).

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