365 Days of Digital Art Journaling: days 25-26 (studying light)

Some days, I'll spend maybe ten minutes on a page, and others, I'll play for nearly three hours.

The first is a quick one. The second, a longer painting.

I have become fascinated by light temperature. I never knew it impacted color in painting until I checked out a book on portraits from the library. I know it has a huge impact when filming video (I spend hours with my friend, the Color Correction panel in Final Cut Pro for my professional clients), but my understanding of portraiture was lacking.

Working digitally has opened up a whole knew world of practice....I no longer have to pull out my oil paints for studies...I can sit comfortably and use this magical tablet device. I am doing things I never thought I'd be interested in, sampling colors and learning how light behaves. It's fascinating and fun and so rewarding! For my third attempt, and having never taken more than a drawing class last year, I'm insanely proud of what I've been able to do.

You don't need a fancy education to create, just the curiosity and practice to want to strive for more.

(Mad props if you recognize my subject. I'm a mad fangirl. Mwahaha!)