A simple Saturday.

Today was a simple day. I ate out yesterday and forgot that one of the main ingredients in most soups is flour (used as a thickening agent), and soon felt that oh-so-pleasant migraine that comes with being exposed to gluten.

Decided to read and doodle. Grabbed a big bucket of markers and started testing them on the pages of my art journal; these little marks will be so fun to work over when I get to them with paint! Everything can be used to help you get over the fear of the blank page!

I sold an original painting to a friend this afternoon, too! Remember, you can get 20% off your order through Monday by using the code LEAPIG in my Etsy shop!

Now, I shall be off to use those markers that aren't dead to color in this drawing. I'm moving on to give my figures cute outfits, and am trying to illustrate ideas and stories. In going to sit down at my magic typewriter tomorrow to write their stories. Was kinda scared to share the sketch, but I need to remember to keep making brave leaps!