Gelli Printing in Your (hardcover) Journal (VIDEO)

On the lighter side, here is the video I recorded when I hit 1,000 newsletter subscribers, and gave them last week as a thank you (as well as a few other not-seen-elsewhere-things). I have a new set-up, and time between clients (so hire me...I have time!), and have really learned SO MUCH in the past five months about recording & editing & directing & business & so much more, that I wanted to start making videos for myself again.

(Also, I've decided to see if dosage changes with some meds may help with the fatigue and general yuckiness-I-can't-stay-awake-ness, and so far, I've gotten dressed today and am wearing a messy top bun and glasses, since TBD on Pinterest said it is fashionable. I think I still look like a nerdy artist who doesn't like hair in the way when she paints or reads, but hey...that's why they're fashion experts and I blog about art and life. Feeling better today. Got lots of love getting the word out about my awesome $10-off sale for Going Further...really, it's like 3 e-classes' worth of info, inspiration, and so much more...a massive brain-dump of my favorite projects and should really grab it if you want to be journaling from now until summer. (I have even uploaded a preview w/ a lesson you can download!) Please help a girl out? I'm not telling you to pay, I'm asking if you would. [you can always donate if you so choose.] Letting my vulnerability hang out here, and man, is it hard. Go watch the video. It's good and fun and artsy and I babble. Are you still reading this side note? Cause I've got a book calling my name from my comfy bed, and a puppy to cuddle with. XOXO, Samie)