It's okay to be semi-creative.

Some days, despite all the best intentions, you just don't get to do as much creative play as you'd like to.

And that's okay. If out of the past 22 days, today is the first that I haven't done much art, then wow, I've really been doing good! I've already accepted that I won't finish something each day, but I'm glad that I'm working.

Instead, I talked offering ideas with a friend, read for a bit, and worked on cleaning up another digital page on my iPad. And went to see Star Trek for the second time (when I told my mother, she seemed disappointed that I've only seen it twice!) with a friend before a quick dinner of Chinese food. 

Honestly, if there's one thing I've learned this month, it's that we need to take time for ourselves away from the house. Diving into my art practice is helpful, and has been helping me cope for years, but I'm also learning that I need to get out, clear my head, and be

I'll leave you with a quick picture I took of the digital work I did today...just clean up, details, and some fun. She'll get more jewelry tomorrow, and a background. I'd like to add a quote or song if she reminds you of any, let me know!