Not Every Creative Day is External

Allow me to ask for your eternal forgiveness for that last post. In order to blog more often, I'm usually on a device of some kind, and while my electronics may know my intense dislike for the autocorrect-spaces-in-the-middle-of-words magic we find on Apple devices, the world does not. My sleepy brain didn't catch most of that, and I'll be editing it to a smooth, enjoyable ride through the English language rather than the mess it is at the moment. 

(I read it with an amount of abject horror, and thank you, dear Allie, for writing me a sweet comment!) 

I'm still working on that gouache post, but it'll be ready tomorrow. I got some amazing comments on Twitter that still have me giggling...especially the one turning the mysteries of gouache into a complex math problem. 

I didn't do much today, actually. I hit the library and art shop with my dad, where we discussed books, pens, and my father's favorite kind of eraser from when he studied art in high school (he drew a LITTLE on one of the scratch pads while I looked for a pencil; I take that as a victory!), then spent hours cooking dinner. There is a little drawing in my daily diary, but that's all. I really feel that blogging every day means posting even when I don't have anything new to report! 

So here are two paintings I recently finished. Yes, they're a bit weird. But I like that I'm allowing myself to make weird stuff because it means blasting out past my comfort zone, and I'm having such a ball out here. Really. You should come out here. We have cupcakes and odd post modern staircases. 

Tomorrow, in the newsletter, I'll write about how compliments got me to teach in person again, and give you locals the details so you can come play.  


 "resonate", 10"x8" mixed media on canvas board


 "midnight garden" 14"x11" mixed media on canvas board