Paint & Color.

Today's been a long, exhausting, kind of sucky day. So I turn to paint and color on a canvas and in my art journal to cheer me up.


The first few layers of something. Done on a Blick Studio Artist's Board....and I have to say, I really, really like it. I grabbed a couple when I was there in Berkeley, and the weight, texture, and way the paint moves/dries on it is awesome. I may have found my new favorite! Plus, they're ready to hang!

I really love the colors, and the gold is yummy, but do you think it's too much? I'm thinking I may paint over a substantial amount, since it seems to be overpowering. What would you do next?


And some layers in the art journal. I love writing into wet paint, and the new doily I picked up in the dollar bin at Michael's last weekend. It makes such a cool shape. And the gold paint just coated everything so well! Here is where the gold is beautiful, but not over-powering. On the left is some fluorescent pink/red (it's darker in larger concentrations; I flipped a stencil over on the page after spraying through it for a bit). Just loving everything about this bit right now. What would you do next? Or would you leave it alone? 

I'm almost finished with my book (ahem - a really good, long Star Trek fanfic, actually! *geek*) and am turning in early to finish it. I'm wiped and it's only 10:30pm. I'm getting old! *grin*