Relax into the flow


Thank you for all your well wishes & love! I am doing so much better and even did my make up and spent an hour at the studio today, playing around with fluid media and just...ah...absorbing the awesome energy. 



I just adore these textures! 

I had no idea how the fluid acrylic inks would react on unfinished wood; I just had this urge to dance a ballet with these liquid paints & swish around water with a giant brush. Being stuck inside for a week has made me stir crazy and my ache for painting has been so strong, I feel it in my bones. There's just something to getting out there, into the world, and allowing yourself to get lost in the flow.  

One of the biggest lessons I've learned over the past few months is that we not only need faith in the Universe (or God, or Goddess), but relax into the flow of that faith. Be proactive but allow life to sweep you along on this wild ride. And if you need to rest for a bit, there's no shame in tipping your head back and absorbing the brilliant sunlight as the world fades away for a bit. 

There is no fear in this heart, just the excited yearning for possibility.