Sparkling Embellishments w/ Silks Acrylic Glazes (VIDE

It's baaaaack!  

I could write it all here, but why don't you watch? 

This was supposed to be a bonus lesson for Summer Camp, but found I didn't need to add in the extra decided I'd share it will all of you!  

Really, YouTube is a passion of mine, and it's time for me to start making videos again. We'll see what happens. I'm going to keep them under 8 minutes, so they're just a little inspiration in your day, but need YOU to give me ideas of what YOU want to see!  

I'll be filming a couple more things this week to tide you over while I'm on vacation, and then I'll be making the set and developing content. Something I'm really into is products...I'm always sharing new stuff with my friends, and have a studio FULL of fun stuff you may have never heard of...and I'm a total bargain shopper, so it won't break the bank! 

Part of that success I wrote about over the weekend? Yeah, it's because of darling readers and subscribers and followers and friends. I'd be nothing without your support...we're in this together! 

ALSO, if you are NOT SUBSCRIBED to me on YouTube, would you? I'm desperately close to 5k, and honestly, that's were all the cool stuff starts to happen. Just askin'!