stop acting small

Today was a more focused day of painting and thinking and applying layers....and less photo-taking. Sorry! I'll catch up tomorrow. I can  show you the one I finished today, though! 

I started the day with sketching and writing, though. I'm still trying to get through that block, push past it. And I find I'm a bit uncomfortable with the silence of solitude. I still "check in" on my cell phone all the time, jumping to Instagram or my email whenever solitude squeezes in on me too close...or I don't know what to do next. I think I'm doubting myself these days, rusty on painting or trusting myself, but doubt is necessary to faith, right?  

Don't get the wrong impression from below -- the girl on the right reflects how I felt. But I'm digging deeper and trying to find images to relay my experience of the world, and so, have been thinking about good days and  bad, and what each mean. I know I can be quite bubbly and excited, even when feeling physically ucky, and have a back that hurts after hours in my studio chair. The question is, how to I allow you to experience what I do, and step into my world? 


Here is what I finished. The entire thing is so  pleasing to me, and I just adore it all. I took a picture before and after I stamped the quote...


I had to rush off when I finished to hit the Phoenix stop on Kimberly Wilson's book tour! I love that girl...she had me on her podcast years ago and has been such  a sweet supporter and friend over the years. Who'd've thought the author of a book rec'ed to me over 6 years ago would be hugging me and bragging to people about my art? 


I gave her the little painting as a gift for being awesome. If there's ever anyone to admire for their accomplishments, it's her!  

And that was my day -- a bit of video work in the am, painting all afternoon, and meeting someone dear. I'm off to bed to start reading her new book (which you can grab here!).