I take lots of photos while I'm working, both to document my process and share things on Instagram/Tumblr. I have pretty shaky hands, which makes photo-taking with a cell phone tricky, and I usually don't know which shots are clear until I get home & look at the pictures on my laptop. 

And I'm thinking that blog posts don't need to be overly-complicated; they can be process shots or journal pages/paintings you're proud of or things you're trying or places you go. 


I'm enjoying this new vein of work so much, I'm constantly excited by the ideas I dream up & the time I can spend in the studio. My mind is already begging to share it, so I may teach my first in-person class of the year on the art of mess without a brush. 

The last two are what they look like at the end. I have piles & quotes & containers of gouache just waiting to be transformed into words and doodles. I'm in love. And thanks to some help, my Etsy shop will be re-opening this month and stocked full of originals and prints. *swoon*

PS. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Pay-What-You-Can flash sale last week. It was a dream to be able to do my little part in making life all that more artful and positive. I'm so happy for the conversations started. I feel like I got more out of it than you guys...thanks for being awesome!