The simplest victories (red storybook #6)

Heres a favorite of mine from the Red Storybook thus far...the day I got out of the house for the first time in a week or two and stole away to the library to look for art books and 'Dirk Gently' after watching the BBC show of based off it (I have always loved Douglas Adams' odd sense of humor). I ended up curled up on a bench with a headache texting with friends who we checking up with me, and who made my day brighter with their messages. 

I haven't colored nearly enough of these entries, and some are quite bad, but I haven't missed a day. I think I needed to tell myself it was okay to not share every day in order to feel safe making terrible sketches. This one was done in acrylics. I wanted to see if I could work faster with them. I can not. Back to the gouache it is!  

Maybe I'll work on coloring a few more this weekend during my 'Sherlock' marathon. God knows the season finale on Sunday will kill me. Maybe I'll do a little fangirl page before they rip out my heart. ;)