Two lessons learned today...

There is a bug in my living room, so I'm typing this on my iPad across the room.

(I don't like bugs. At all.)

Self-Care Finds a Way

I slept wonderfully last night, but my legs were on fire when I woke up. This is a Usual Side Effect of having your period and FMS at the same time; your pain levels grow and grow and make you wish pain medication worked instantaneously.

Bug has moved. I am back in my comfy chair.

I got dressed and put on my makeup and pretty new earrings and got in the car to head to a client's to shoot some video. As I drove, my hips weren't happy, but I am committed to this particular, lovely woman, and had to reschedule from the day before because of dismal sleep. 

She texted me while I was curving into Phoenix and needed more time.

I went home and napped. We'll be shooting on Monday. Sometimes, things work out.

Where We Think We Are & Where We Really Are

I haven't been able to work at my studio table for a little while due to health issues that have decided to jump at me. I think painting last week took it all out of me, meaning I've been working out of my Couch Box for the past week or so. It's been hard, trying to capture the same colors and ideas when limited by supplies. I love my paints. I love my palette. And while journaling from the couch is lovely, I want those long hours at my desk, not long hours in my bed reading and working on my iPad.

This week, I shared my painting with my women's circle, which was, for some reason, more frightening than sharing the thing on the entire Internet! But it was an example of higher vibrations, when you are using something to cheer yourself up but unaware you're creating something beautiful at the same time. 

Like the journal spread below. Born from a need to distract myself, struggled through without the colors I saw in my head (and had on my desk), and finished with some help and creative solutions, I suddenly found myself liking it. 

It is a reminder that you don't need fancy supplies, everything you think you need, or all you're used to in order to make art. You just need the will, the childlike spirit, and an open mind. 

You don't even need water.