Anatomy of a Page: Grateful Heart

Back when I was publishing my own art journaling 'zine, I had a feature called Anatomy of a Page. It consisted of me taking photos while working in my art journal to show the process behind the finished page. 

I still take LOTS of pictures - my iPhone has over 4,000 photos, most of which are of my artwork in various stages of completion! So I thought I'd bring it back. Not only will it keep me creating every week, but maybe my weekly posts can help YOU! 

So here's the first one! 

This page underwent a radical change as I worked on it. I was trying to figure out what colors I loved, and what I want to use for a small series of paintings. So I just kept putting down color -- both acrylic and gouache -- until I got to a place I loved...

(Just a little workspace picture to show you what I was using! We spent 5 hours painting on the floor!)

And here's some detail shots of the final page!

This quote is on the fridge at my new home, and it always reminds me that no matter how big things may feel right now, there's beauty in the chaos. 

The final spread:

I ADORE IT! I really do! The colors, the mess, the layers...oh my! And I've put the left-hand page up as a print in my Etsy shop if you love it as much as I do (I'll be keeping the original!).