So Many Projects, so Little Time!

Jc1webI'm gearing up for the second 'zine distribution. It often involves many manila envelopes, lots of tea, family and friends, and colorful markers. That, and lack of sleep. It's a home-grown operation over here, from start to finish, and a fun time of year.

I've released Issue #2's table of contents over on the Page by Page site; it also has some info on pre-ordering the 'zine. I'm totally psyched -- this issue's going to be much longer and has some GREAT contributors. This week will be devoted to finalizing the layout and FINALLY emailing back all of you who submitted pages for the Gallery. Sorry! :< <- long face!

You might be wondering what this little design on the left is for; I've designed several covers for what I call mini-BookBooks. You might be familiar with the term if you've read any of Sally Jean; she uses a thick book of cardstock as a journal to generate ideas. I got the idea of making thinner ones to toss in your purse or back pocket for those on-the-go ideas. We all have those days when we're going somewhere we don't want to carry a purse/bag to...and then, something awesome turns up and you're writing on the back of a receipt with the cashier's pen (I know I have!). These little things are much like the Moleskine Cahiers in cover stock, then filled with 90lb cardstock to shelter all your ideas.

I can't wait to get them all assembled! Those, with the 'zine and a secret project, will have me busy busy these next few weeks! :)