Sunrises, Sunsets, & Life

Wow! Welcome back, everyone!

I really am enjoying putting together these videos; I’ve missed editing since my last project a year ago and only through these vids have a re-kindled that relationship. Yes, it’s hard, considering I went from a self-designed AVID system to iMovie HD (not to mention, I don’t own a video camera, so do these using the built-in iSight on my MacBook), but I’ll make do. I’ve learned even more about the program since last time and am feeling more and more comfortable with it.

The video’s compressing as I write this companion essay; there’s a process that ISN’T different than what I’m used to!

I’m no expert in YouTube etiquette, so please, set me straight. First, there’s spam, right? Or else I’m changin’ my name or something since one comment was one word: sex. Also, if you’re replying to a comment on my video, shouldn’t you take it into consideration that I’ll see when you write that the person who’s comment you’re replying to’s videos are, “better than this one?” I understand constructive criticism, and have taken many of your suggestions into effect with this video, but such downward comments should be privately traded. If you’re going to be negative, I don’t want to know.

This journal spread started in my head yesterday night, when we were driving home. I love driving up from the city when the sun’s setting, because I live northwest and can then see the sunset as a beautiful backdrop to my nighttime drive. This particular sunset had such beautifully matched colors and tones, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I wanted to mesmerize each and every shade, all the while mentally cursing myself for forgetting a camera. Around me, the conversation turned from a birthday to a death, and I thought it amazing the two could coexist so comfortably as we drove.

Of course, that last bit of reflection came to me while I was creating the page. My intention, upon sitting down, was to use the colors from that sunset, the tickets in my pocket from the birthday party, and a snapshot I took with my phone. I thought it’d look pretty and I’d write about what I did.

Often, I pen my intentions on the page before I begin. The second layer covers them, but I feel that putting them to paper puts them out there into the universe and helps my brain switch into journal mode. While layers are drying, I’ll work on something else or go through my folders of stuff, pulling out anything that catches my eye. As you see in the video, I might go as far as prepping them to be in the entry, then discard them when the spread evolves past their inclusion.

On a side note, I’ve gotten the question about if I’ll be reprinting the first issue of my ‘zine. Since the second’s going to the printer’s at the end of this week, I don’t know if I’ll be able to until AFTER #2’s been printed and sent out – it’s just too crazy around here and I don’t want to get things mixed up. But! I will reprint at some point. Check back at the ‘zine’s site for any updates.