Sunday Night Thoughts:

  • I want to teach a class online so badly. I want to teach it and use Flickr and bring people together and make them happy and creative.
  • I wish it were NaNoWriMo time already because I have a book idea in mind and want to make it real.
  • I wish my soldering iron wasn't old and wobbly because it makes it very hard to finish pretty glass jewelry.
  • I want the Bears to win!
  • I wish I knew how to paint right. All my people are flat -- I need to figure out how to do shading.
  • I wish I didn't feel so invisible. That I wasn't scared to email these "popular" people because of one less-than-good experience. I wish I was worthy of being asked to do things -- art, articles, or such -- because of my talent.
  • I wish I weren't so petrified of the second issue of Page by Page not being as good as the first that I'd get off my butt and actually work on it.
  • I wish I weren't so insecure.

. .

I had planned on posting a supply list today, but my brother had my camera, and instead of coming home when he said he would, he stayed out all day. So, I grabbed some new paint and copper metal tape, and began experimenting with an old soldering iron. This thing is OLD! The tip is crooked and wobbly and I can't use ANY pressure because I'm afraid the thing's going to fall off/out and burn me!

Rachel Jackson has a workshop in the newest issue of Somerset Workshop. OMG. If you haven't seen her work, check out this issue! It's BEAUTIFUL and inspiring and has to be up there as a favorite. I spent Saturday in a tizzy because she uses emulsion paint samples and, as an American, had NO IDEA what that was. I came to find out that you can't find it here in the US -- if you're wondering, gouche is the closest thing we've got over here! Anyway, I created some designs for pendants after reading her workshops and, hopefully, will get a new soldering iron soon to finish them!

Tonight finds me pleasantly tired from a bout of softball catch, a dip in the pool, and some jewelry exploration. My journal lays open on my legs. I'm going to try my hand at some folk-art inspired doodles and maybe try to write out some quandaries in my head. Like how I'm going to afford a nice, new iron!