Storybook Living!


Did'ya miss me? *g*

I am drinking tea and listening to Colbie Callat -- her music is light and fun and whimsical, romantic in the storybook sense, and every time I listen, I can't help but smile.

This week, I just had to run away! I was so overwhelmed with keeping track of blogs and comments aDsc_0011nd flickr and arrrrrrrrrr! How can someone stay sane without, from time to time, taking a break, hiding under a hand-made blanket with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and a good book? The world can be way too intrusive sometimes, overstimulating, need to decompress!

Look at this beautiful flower! Isn't it dreamy? I love having a bouquet on the kitchen table, the colors bright and unafraid to BE LOUD! *G*
Don't forget to dance on the lawn! Grass beneath your feet! Here , it's still summer-like and it's OCTOBER! How crazy is that?!?! I want to dance and play and roll down hills -- when was the last time YOU rolled down a hill? Remember how fun it was, how disorienting and spinning and you couldn't help but giggle as you came to a stop inches from your friend (because you ALWAYS ended up going crooked?)? I need to find a good hill. There's a sledding hill around here -- nice and tall...maybe I'll go there.

There's this little place where there's a creek and a bit of trees I pass on my way to and from "work" that I want to walk to. It looks so storybook-esque!

We need our own storybooks! 

Dramatic, romantic, hopelessly sappy and full of happy endings! Use your journal to write your story, to tell us ALL how you pass through life! Embellish! When I worked in a building that required those name badges that open the doors, I pretended I was a secret agent going to work! At the bookstore, I was a medieval librarian, a mage who kept secrets in a dungeon-like library!

Look at the world like it's a fantasy setting. Change where you are.
Instead of at work, you're hacking a super secret computer. Or trying to find a long-lost relative...who happened to be magical! Document this in your journal. And don't forget the pictures! They're the best part of children's books! I say more pictures in grown-up books! *G*

Have a fantastic, magical day!