day-late mail


I am a horrible procrastinator, but when I finally DO get to a task, I go all out. I've several mail art emails waiting in my inbox, daily reminders that I need to get things out! So, I decided to play around and get them all finished today.

Postcards and ATC's intimidate me. Give me a piece of paper from the printer or a canvas, and I can go with no problem. Give me something smaller, and I freeze up. I don't know what to do! It's too small to do my normal artwork, I think, and so, I never know what to do! Plus, other people are going to be receiving these...what if they don't like them!?

As always, I'm open for trades! A little present's going out with these cards. *G* Okay, so my PO Box has been a little empty and I think I saw a spider taking up residence in there....kidding!

I wonder, do I have a style? I know when I look at others' artwork, I can pretty much tell you who made it. But with me, I feel all over the place. A lot of that comes from constantly experimenting....I just like playing so much, I don't really stick to one style or another. I think I use the same colors, and the fishies! I love the fishies!

spraypaint!Can you tell someone let me into the spray paint again? I found some kick-ass brass stencils in the garage and decided to go out and have a little fun! It's so freeing, letting the paint go where it may; I was out there so long, the sun went down and I now have several mosquito bites. *g* I love layering colors over each other. I love the papers Debra makes, all those layers of color and mess....they're wonderful!

I've been working on my 'zine...I hope to have it done around July so I can start working on the art journaling 'zine I'm starting. I'm close to the choosing journal pages and writing and laying everything out stage....this volume will be cheaper than the last, and MUCH better quality. Oh, I'm sure you're tired of hearing about it, but I'm just having so much fun! If you're wondering why I've been uploading low-quality images or incomplete journal pages, it's because I want there to be something new in the 'zine!

Oh! And we have news! We now have two beautiful baby Morning Dove birds!

they've hatched!

Can you see them? Their little heads? That's their daddy sitting atop...our pansy died so they'd have a nest, and now they're born! They hatched over the weekend, and I love saying hi to them every morning.

:) Kira