Romantic Country

Romantic1_4 Isn't this magazine just delicious? *laughs* I found it while hitting some second-hand shops last week and just had to grab a copy yesterday while out at Borders. I've never been a real girly-girl; I'm more a tomboy with more guy friends than girls and a wardrobe of jeans and t-shirts. But my sensibilities have changed as my art has, and now I love second-hand shops, lace, florals, and soft pastels.

There's something about them that feels, hrmmm, not pretty, per se, but classic. Vintage. Like you're living sometime in the past, or perhaps, in a cottage somewhere with a crystal lake and soft sounds of nature. It'd be nice to escape to someplace like that, away from the hustle and bustle of urban living. I don't exactly live in a city, but it's still suburbia and I still have that itch to get away!

Look at those beautiful wallpaper patterns! And that couch! The last spread's from a quiz asking what sort of romantic you are: Old World, Cottage, or Feminine. I'd have to say, I turned out to be the last one! I just love all the patterns and colors! The eclectic mix, the feeling of clutter and home. This magazine's FULL of beautiful, inspiring spreads -- lots of colors, fluff, patterns, and ideas!



Another magazine to keep an eye out for is the special issue of Martha Stewart's Weddings: the color issue. It's an entire magazine full of color spreads and combinations that's sure to get you dashing for your paints to try out some new combinations. I know I'll be picking up a copy as soon as I can!