summer sickness and new journals


Dsc_0009 It's only today that I've been feeling better.

Allow me to explain.

Social events popped up unexpectedly this weekend, and while I enjoyed myself, collapsing into bed on the wrong side of midnight isn't very conducive to noticing and refilling prescriptions. And so, on Sunday, I believed a lack of these medications was the cause of my being under-the-weather. I spent the day watching television and writing some fiction, not even leaving my comfortable perch to grab my laptop.

Yesterday, the sickness continued. I didn't go to work. Focusing was hard. And then, last night, I got my meds, everything was great --

-- and then I got really sick.

Obviously, it wasn't the medication. I'm on the tail end of a bit of the flu; I do owe several emails, comments, and packages, and am very sorry for the delay in all. I will sit down tomorrow after work and not move until everything's taken care of.

I haven't done any journaling for the last few days -- nothing since my last upload over on flickr. Yes, my supplies are near. And my journal. And the old photographs I found for fifty cents each (a steal!!!). But my mind's muddled and my hands unsteady.

I DID make a few journals with a bunch of found papers, vintage fabric, and pretty paper. I LOVE coptic binding and can do it while watching TV. *G* I'm planning a series of about 5 or 6 with these found papers. I love how old they feel, how much the papers shout for someone to fill them with drawings and words and paint. I haven't made one for myself, yet, but damn...maybe I should! It could replace my Moleskine. *G!*

The two at the top of this entry are available in my etsy shop.

I'm hoping I'm back to 100% tomorrow so I can do some more journal entries, get all this backlogged stuff out, and be back to normal! I got my first rejection letter yesterday and need to get me some chocolate or something to sooth my wounds and get me back on the horse.

BTW, anyone want a binding tutorial? I can take a vid, even, while working on journal #3.