Happy Sunday! (the challenge is back!)

I'm currently waiting for video to import from an old install of iMovie; after finishing recording the bookbinding tutorial this afternoon, I stupidly shut my laptop, causing the program to dump all my clips into the trash. After much hair-pulling, I found the only way to retrieve them is to upgrade, and now, the program is processing each. and. every. one.

There are 13. So I'm exasperating a bit. Why 13? Because I've worked as an AVID editor and video producer and damnit if I'm not going to take the time to edit things together. The video quality's lacking (I recorded directly onto my laptop via the iSight, as my digital recorder's missing), and I had one shot -- a straight one -- uck! Hopefully it will come out!

Last night, I went looking for some inspiration and stumbled upon the latest issue of Blueprint. This has to be the only magazine, other than Cloth, Scissors, Paper, that I buy religiously and read cover to cover. In high school, I abhorred all things Martha and "Good Things," but now, I love all the fantastic ideas in this fresh, younger magazine. That, and the design is beautiful. The fonts, layout...*swoon* I pay so much more attention to that stuff, now!

Collagechallenge826 I'm a bit behind on the Sunday Collage Challenges, but that's going to stop now! Here's this week's image. For background info, "rules," and previous challenges, you can visit this page -- the new home of the Sunday challenges. Enjoy, and have a fantastic Sunday!