Card Crazy!

Thank you all for the well-wishes! I am feeling much better; not yet 100%, but very near and more than ready to get back on the horse, so to say! *G*

I've figured out how to use my laptop to record video -- I'll be recording and posting a video tutorial, as so many of you are interested in learning some book binding! *laughs* I've decided to do a limited edition binding video, too. That's the "traditional" method used in hardcover books (hence being called limited edition). I'll post a supplies list with the videos so you can gather what you need before watching. I'm so psyched to do this because I want to teach SO BADLY and now I'll be able to!

Anything else you'd like to see?

While at Michael's this morning (partly to check out the new Halloween stuff from Martha!), I asked if they only teach the same classes as the other stores or, if the right instructor presents themself, they'd take a new class. The only rule, I learned, was that all the materials need to come from the store. Woot! I was going to teach in Crystal Lake, but that's a far drive, and if I can get a workshop/class nearer, well, that's good!

Listen to me ramble...!

Oh! And I finally grabbed a sheet of Arches Hot Press paper -- it's expensive, but I just had to try it after all the great stuff I've heard about it. It's so nice and smooth; I'm going to bind it at OfficeMax for the Art Journals mailing list's first round robin (see, guys, I'm getting things done...finally!).

thanks-cardOkay, card crazy! I've wanted to send out thank you cards that I designed for awhile, so I decided, screw it, I'm going to make my cards and who cares if they're perfect or amazing or what. I think sending out something you make yourself means more, in the grand scheme of things, than something mass-produced. Heee. Yeah, I've been hanging out at Etsy and Indiepublic and have the hand-made pride!

So I made this card as a thank you card from a drawing in my Moleskine. It's partly inspired by a comic in, oh, dear! My fandom, Supernatural, over on LiveJournal (yes, I have a LJ -- I have for 6 years, now!). I was testing out the pencils in a new sketching set I "found" in the house. I like this girl; I painted her last week and just like how she looks for some reason. Heee. Man....if you only saw my sketchbooks from years ago -- she's SUCH an improvement over how I used to draw!

Then, today, I found out someone wanted to surprise a friend with a copy of Page by Page, and I couldn't just include a note on some random piece of paper! So I doodled in my Moleskine some more and made a card to write the note on. Let me tell you -- getting that email made my day!!  :D 

And remember, I'm still seeking submissions for the November issue, so don't be shy!

Heee. Anyway, look how the card turned out!

hi! cards


Whatcha think? I'm just playing around at this point -- making simple cards like these is fun for me, and I love being able to send these out with a little smile cause no one else has them! I might sell them on etsy, but as I haven't really sold anything over there, I'm a little scared doing something like that might take the fun out of it.

See ya (literally, oh, I'm going to have to pull out the make-up!) this weekend!