watercolor crayons are cooler than I thought!

Dsc_0280There's nothing like finding supplies you forgot you had; last week, while looking for something else, I happened upon a pack of watercolor crayons I'd bought about three years ago, used for about twenty seconds, and tossed aside.

On Friday, I stopped by Borders to check out Mixed-Media Collage: An Exploration of Contemporary Artists, Methods, and Materials by Holly Harrison. It's a fantastic book, and I really want to buy it (and recommend y'all do the same!) but shall have to wait. ANYWAY, while reading the interview with Teesha Moore, I saw she loves watercolor crayons.

I was skeptical. How were crayons different than watercolor pencils, something I've tried and dislike? What was it about these that so many artists raved about? Seeing as that I had a set (mine are from Fabre Castell's children's line), I decided to try 'em out.

The red at the bottom of the page at the left was done with the crayons. Wow! I'd always wondered how people got that shading done just right on their journal pages...and now I know! Use the crayons! They work a lot like my water-soluble oil pastels, but don't present the problems of not finding anything to write over them and transfering to the facing page. A definite plus for me!

In that same interview, Teesha says to go past where you think you'll like the page...to keep going. With this one, I decided to try that, using a metallic copper pen to doodle, tried to use the crayons on the girl's dress (which didn't work as it's a photo-inkjet copy), and added to the circle behind her head. And gave her blue hair! I just kept going, and going, and finally felt it was time to stop -- and am VERY happy with the page!

I just can't bring myself to write on it! I might just leave it as it is.

It's amazing that this came out of a page I randomly glued a piece of vintage text to and painted blue. Can't tell, can you? Other than the line I let show through -- "the war for independence." The circle behind her head started as a transparency transfer onto the page. I LOVE this method -- it provides the BEST QUALITY transfers I've ever seen!

Guah! It's a truly yucky day outside today; I have the lamp on next to me and it's not even 3:30! I'm curled up in a recliner with my laptop and new journal and paint...I've gotten good at painting and not getting it on the furniture. I might turn in for a nap later, read a bit, and prep some more pages for tomorrow's journaling play-date with Retro Girl.

New pictures at flickr.