SCC: Image Transfers

923 Happy Sunday!

Here in Chicago, it's a beautiful, warm day, one I hope to enjoy while reading Journal Revolution and playing in my own art journal (that has been woefully neglected this last week!).

This Sunday's challenge is all about image transfers. I've purposely stamped them in black so the sheet can be used with both laser and inkjet printers.

* all of these images are brushes and do not belong to me.
(I think that's the credits...if not, let me know!)

Here are some pointers if you've never done image transfers before:

Laser Printer:

For this one, you have three options: solvent, packing tape, and heat.

Solvent: You have to find a colorless blender marker that still contains xylene. There are shops that still sell them; I got mine at Pearl Art in Chicago. This one may be easy, but I've never really had success with it. Basically, you put the toner image face down on the paper and burnish the back with the marker.

Packing Tape: You can use packing tape or that clear laminating stuff. Cut out your image and "laminate" it with the tape. Make sure to burnish it a LOT. Then, let it sit in a bowl of water for about 10 minutes. Take it out and rub the back gently until all the paper comes off.

Heat: Place the image face down on your paper and iron over it on a medium setting until the image transfers.

InkJet Printer:

Gel Medium:  Coat the area on your page you want to transfer the image to with a layer of gel medium or modge podge; do it so it's glossy and smooth. Place the image face down on your page and burnish the back. I like to let the image sit for about a minute so the medium dries a bit...I find I get better transfers this way. Then, peel the image's paper up and voila!

Water: Spritz the image and paper with water. Place the image face down on the page, burnish lightly, then check.

Transparencies: My favorite. Same as gel medium, just replacing paper with a transparency to transfer from.

Experiment, and above all -- ENJOY! Download 9.23.jpg