Summer's Still Hanging On!

Wearable Art

I've received a few questions about the altered purse I posted last week and thought I'd answer them here in case more of you were wondering.

I didn't use anything made for fabric art. The background is made from acrylics painted directly on the fabric and oil pastels; I painted the part I wanted to use the pastels on with gel medium, let that dry, and then colored over it with the oil pastels before blending them with water. I also used my watercolor crayons, which worked beautifully on the fabric.

The bag itself is a canvas messenger bag I grabbed a few seasons ago at Target. It was originally pink -- I bleached it and did a quick iron on transfer, as well as lined the flap with ribbon. I colored in the image transfer with Sharpie Poster Paint markers.

For the stamping, I used Staz On ink. I also employed the use of my colorful multitude of Sharpie markers.

Today, I grabbed myself a bottle of Textile Medium -- it cost $2 and is made to be mixed with your regular acrylics to make them fabric paint. I was feeling nostalgic for my old Vera Bradly messenger, so I grabbed some natural-colored pre-quilted batting and sewed together a simple, small purse. When I alter that, using the textile medium, I'll post my process and results here.

Comfort Zones

For awhile, I made art at my desk, believing my entries needed several materials and such to "make" them -- and for awhile, I was focused on the pretty. Lately, I've been working out of a journal sack I created from a tote bag I had in my room (printing shows always give these things away...I've so many just sitting around!). In it, I have an assortment of papers, my watercolor crayons, and alphabet stamp set, and colored pencils. I'm loving the pages I'm creating lately by using what I have on hand instead of trying techniques and grabbing the latest, coolest supplies.

Just today, I was browsing the scrapbooking aisle at Hobby Lobby, looking over the pretty papers, and thought -- I'd rather create these textures and designs myself.

With my new wearable art, I use the same materials as I would to create a page. Sharpies, markers, and paint. What more do you need? Fancy stuff won't make the best stuff...only you can!

Page by Page

I'm gearing up to begin assembling the fall issue; if you'd like to submit articles or journal pages to appear in that issue, get them to me by the end of the month. Don't be scared or think your stuff isn't good enough -- we are all on this journey together!

Just a Note...

If you are trying to contact me using the email address that ends in, I'm not getting it! That email address has expired and I've decided not to renew it. I will have a replacement soon...if you need to reach me, leave a comment here and I'll get it!

You can now email me at: kira {at} :)