Week #3: letter of self-love

Oh, what trouble I've had with this week's prompt. I've so many ideas I want to share, but don't have the time to share them all. I wish my days were longer, or that I didn't need to sleep as much. That I could spend my time being creative instead of worrying about other things like my second job or finances (though you could help by clicking the Tip Jar over there to the right!). My journals are filled with doodles, sketches, and ideas. I've had to split things up in order to keep things organized and easy to find.

I took a giant leap today and submitted artwork for publication. I also got all the things I set out to do today done. I paid an overdue bill. I have money left over. Found the perfect supplies to change my messy art desk into a sleek, cute home office/art area. I need more space! And for my internet to not be broken (I'm in another room hooked up to the modem directly).

I found a cute stamp today at the post office. It's the 10¢ stamp, with the image of a stopwatch and a bird on it. It got me to thinking about the passage of time over the length of a journey, one such as that we're taking in our journals this year, and thought how fun it would be to use it to address a letter to myself.

Decorate your page with all that junk mail coming into your home. Use envelopes, postage, even pictures from those ads we get. Find an envelope or create one using two pages in your journal. Write a letter to yourself -- but write it as you WANT to be at the end of the year. More confidant in your journaling. Serene. Authentic. Give yourself words of wisdom, encouragement, and love. Date it 6 months from now. Seal it.

I've a video for you all today, too! Here's some advice on handwriting. Clearer and with no music so you can actually hear me. ;)