Trying to stay warm here during a chilly Midwestern winter. There has to be over a foot of snow on the ground, and we've fashioned a sweater out of an old throw away for the pup since it's above his head and falling on him all the time. Brrr!

Been spending my days either at work or curling up reading. Yep! The studio's got a draft and no curtains, so I've been spending less time up there; I think maybe a cheap blanket I can wrap myself in may solve the problem. One of my new year's resolutions is going to be to be more of a self-starter and get more self-discipline.

The painting at the left came from deep inside -- it shows what I've been feeling lately. My artwork is going through a metamorphosis, a change. I can feel all the influences over the years converging, flowing through me to come out changed. Combined and twisted by my own imagination.

Intent is changing as well. I can feel the mist clouding my eyes beginning to break and show me the woman I am meant to become. In the last few months, the areas in which I need to improve, work on, and have begun writing out lists, lists and lists and ideas and words all flowing through me, my hands, onto the page.

I've finally found something I love to create. Not just once or twice, but over and over. As gifts and surprises. Give-aways. I plan on re-opening my Etsy shop on the first of the year, full of all sorts of journals and notebooks -- use your holiday money for a brand new journal or grab something for the upcoming semester. Playing with my binding machine is just too much fun, and the journal addict in me adores the stacks and stacks of 'em I have around the studio.

One thing I've been ruminating over for a bit is the next issue of Page by Page. Since losing my hard drive and everything on it, I don't have the programs and add-ons I've collected over the last two years of publishing the 'zine. Which means I can do one of two things: one, start over completely, buy the programs, and take longer, or two, do it all by hand.

I'm doing the second. By hand. Which sounds thrilling and awesome and tons of fun. It's exactly what I needed to make the 'zine fresh and fun for me again.

And instead of just doing general issues, I'm going with themes, such as lettering, drawing & doodling, backgrounds, bookbinding, etc. I have lists of people I want to contact for each one, and hope to present more personable issues -- stories and experiences -- than the previous ones. I like listening to stories and seeing creations more than step-by-step guides. It's where I am in my life, I guess.

Happy hanukkah! I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas. I shall be at work on Christmas morning. Because of financial issues, I won't be receiving any presents this year, so working Christmas morning isn't much of an issue. Enjoy all yours for me!

[new photos and journal pages up on flickr.]