{ endings and new, positive beginnings }

mixed-media art: sing for them

Happy New Year!

2009 has already started on a good foot; I have my beloved laptop back! A new hard-drive was a late Christmas present, and after a few hours of taking things apart, searching for cords, and being generally frustrated, my laptop flared back to life! The operating system was an upgrade, so it's all sleek and pretty and ready for me to get back into the swing of things – and one of the first devices I got to reclaim was my beautiful scanner!

So, now I can scan in my lovelies! And print things again! And be generally artsy as I was before. I don't have to suffer through using a PC (I'm a Mac girl!), a borrowed PC at that, that didn't have any programs or data, so I was mostly using it to check webmail and such. Oh! If you sent an email during the month of December and I didn't reply, I'd say re-send it, because everything was all filtered and such on my computer, and webmail is a big mish-mash of stuff, so I may have missed it.

I can't WAIT to find a copy of Photoshop and InDesign so I can get back to designing banners and working on the next issue of Page by Page. I don't know what the topic for this issue is going to be, but my “method” is more...letting things happen naturally. It's an itch I have to scratch, and once I've got it, I have to see the issue through!

Oh, I'm just so excited for the coming year. Books to read, lessons to learn. I'll have my journal page of resolutions up tomorrow – for now, I've gotta get my face on for work (aka put on make-up). I've been sick for the last few days....and have no idea how I'll make it through 6 hours of making coffee.

journal page: full of energy